about itekeng disabled & OVC centre

“Itekeng Disabled and OVC Centre was initiated by a group of volunteers from the community who realized a need for the welfare of children and saw the necessity of establishing a centre where disabled children would be cared for, and taught basic educational and life skills to enable them to be productive and self reliant individuals. Our main focus is to promote day-care and home-based care to these children, and to rehabilitate them by teaching them basic skills and to ensure that their physical, emotional and mental well being is met.”

 After a couple of years in operation and change in management, it was then realized
that there was also a need to expand services as many young children were losing parents due
to the HIV/AIDS pandemic, and the increasing phenomenon of child headed households. The
centre was then expanded to provide care and support services to orphans and vulnerable
children. We care for 72 disabled children and 65 orphans and vulnerable children..

vision & mission of itekeng disabled & OVC Centre

“Vision: Creation of an oasis of hope for disabled, orphans and vulnerable children.
Mission: Provision of services and interventions that will help to integrate disabled, orphans and vulnerable children into mainstream society through life skills enhancement and future job creation projects.“

To supply day-care for physically and mentally disabled children and teach them life and educational skills. To provide home based care to physically and mentally disabled children. To promote the rehabilitation and well-being of every child who has a disability. To be a home for disabled, orphans and vulnerable children affected and infected with the HIV/AIDS epidemic.To promote and provide services which will improve the physical, mental, and social functioning of children living with disabilities, including orphans and vulnera ble children. To make the community aware of challenges faced by and potential of disabled, orphans and vulnerable children.