job creation programmes

This is are some of our projects that we pride our selves with. This project acts as an important local player that has the potential to make a difference in the lives of our people.


We envisage it as a vehicle for women in our community to play a meaning full role to develop themselves and their people. The objectives envisaged in these projects were not feasible, such as greening of community spaces and conversion of open spaces into parks.


Itekeng clean & Green projec

Itekeng Clean & Green Project is an initiative which falls under Itekeng Disabled Centre. It is a project dedicated to inculcate environmental care and awareness among the community in our locality. Given the challenges of climate change, disappearance of species and environmental pollution, Itekeng Clean & Green Project is poised to play a meaningful role in addressing these challenges in our area.

itekeng food security projec

The project started in 2004, in Meqheleng (Ficksburg) under the tutelage of Mary Raletooane, who initiated it, recruiting 5 women on to the project. Initially, the idea was to supply fresh vegetables to disabled children, and orphans/vulnerable children (OVC) at Itekeng Disabled Centre. It was also an initiative to create a job opportunity for women at the food garden to enable them to feed their families. .

S.W.E Adopt a river project

On 15 November 2011 Setsoto Women Empowerment came with a unique project, named Adopt-a-River, whose objective was to care of the Caledon River, an important source of water for the community of Ficksburg and Meqheleng. The river is often polluted by inhabitants of Ficksburg and Lesotho. It is in light of this that Setsoto Women Empowerment embarked on a project to adopt the river and take care of it.